First Days With Braces

While putting on braces is a long appointment, it doesn't hurt. The first several days of braces will be the toughest. The good news is once you make it through the first few days, it gets easier as your mouth gets used to the braces. Taking regular dosages of ibuprofen, using wax for anything that pokes, massaging your gums with a tooth brush, and sticking to a soft diet is the secret to your success.

We ask our patients at their second appointment how they did with their braces. Some common responses we have heard are: “I was sore for a few days, and then it was fine ” and “a little bit sore, but no big deal. ”

Drs. Joseph Janowski, Matthew Mayers, Brendan O'Neill, and Kevan O'Neill specialize in orthodontic treatment for adults, teens, and children in Northwest Ohio (Lima, Celina, Ottawa, and surrounding areas). Orthodontic treatment provided includes adult, adolescent and early orthodontic treatment, surgical and craniofacial orthodontic treatment. 

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We can perfect your smile with our invisible orthodontic options or with every color of the rainbow. We know that every patient has a unique personality and orthodontic needs. Treatment options include Invisalign, clear braces with clear wires, gold braces with gold wires, traditional braces with silver wires, or any combination of Invisalign and braces. Call today to schedule an appointment.

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