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Young boy getting his teeth examined by his dental hygienist

The First Days With Your New Braces

Here are some tips and what to expect during the adjustment period with braces:

At first, your mouth will treat your new braces like food.  You may notice excess saliva and the feeling that you have to swallow a lot.  This could last as little as 20 minutes to several hours after the braces are placed.

Braces bring a new and unfamiliar feeling to your lips and tongue.  You may notice yourself moving your lips and tongue, this is normal!  Feel free to do this to get used to the feeling of your braces.  Eventually, this activity will go away.

The bonding that hold the braces on your teeth is similar to the material used to fill teeth.  It is strong, but it takes up to 48 hours to set completely.  Softer foods like pasta will be more comfortable and allow the setting of your braces to occur.

Brush your teeth as least two times each day; once after breakfast and once after dinner.  If you are able to brush your teeth after lunch, this is an added benefit to your teeth!  It is recommended that you use a lighted magnifying mirror to check your teeth after brushing.

Wax may be used if a sore develops.  Dry the irritated area and push a small piece of wax onto the sore spot.

The first several days of braces will be the toughest. The good news is once you make it through the first few days, it gets easier as your mouth gets used to the braces.  If your teeth are sore, an age appropriate non- steroidal anti-inflammatory drug like Advil or Motrin will provide relief.  If teeth are sore after braces are placed, it will usually last only 1 to 3 days.  If you are taking medications or have special medication needs, please check with your physician.

Young girl smiling after getting her braces put on.
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