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Your First Visit

A thorough complimentary exam will be completed at your first visit including pictures and x-rays. Drs. O'Neill, Janowski, and Mayers will assess different treatment options available depending on your individual needs and concerns. Our treatment coordinators will review all of your insurance information and answer any financial questions during your consultation. Our goal is to provide a complete understanding of your orthodontic needs and how to best address them.


Orthodontic treatment will consist of several appointments throughout treatment. The first appointment which is the initial consultation takes approximately 60 min. The actual application of the appliances is normally the longest appointment and we allow 90–120 minutes for this. Once braces are on, patients come in every 6–8 weeks for adjustment appointments that normally take 30 minutes. We have after school appointments available in all of our offices. 

Financing + Insurance

Orthodontic treatment is an excellent investment in the overall dental, medical and psychological well being of children and adults. We believe financial considerations should not be an obstacle in obtaining this important health service. In order to make treatment affordable we provide zero percent financing and offer a family member courtesy. We accept all major credit cards and can arrange for automatic withdrawal from a credit card or bank account. As a service to you once treatment has started, we will file insurance claims for you.

Third-Party Financing Option
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